The Secret to Raising Kids Who Love Reading (Even If You Aren’t a Reader Yourself)

Do you wish you could stop spending hours each day arguing with your kids to turn off their tablets and go practice their letters?

This bundle of Winter Reading Activities features homeschool mom proven activities to help your child stay focused and have fun during reading time. They’ll even be learning important pre-reading skills at the same time. You’ll find:

  • Scientifically proven activities that will help you confidently prepare your child for independent reading, even if you don’t have a teaching degree
  • Fun hands-on games that will help your child pay attention during reading time (even if they would rather be jumping around on the couch)
  • Easy no-prep activities that take less than 15 minutes to complete– so they’re perfect for kids with short attention spans
  • 47 pages of winter reading activities, tip sheets, and checklists- all for free (a $7 value)

If you’re ready to raise a child who loves reading this winter, enter your name and best e-mail below: