Hi, my name is Sarah, and I’m so glad you’re here because that means you want to teach your kids to read with confidence!

Whether you’re just getting started with teaching your child to read or you’re sick of spending hours practicing reading only to have your child get frustrated and forget everything the next day, I can’t wait to equip you with easy-to-use resources that make homeschooling engaging for your kids and fun for your family!

I’m a teacher with a degree in education and 10 years of classroom experience, so I always assumed we’d send our kids to public school. We even bought a house just down the street from the elementary school! But, when my oldest was born, everything changed.

Now that we’ve discovered what a blessing it is to homeschool, I’ve made it my mission to help other families teach their kids to read at home with confidence. And what better way to help than to equip you with all the tools you need to build family relationships through learning to read. Thanks for joining me! I am so excited that you are here!

I have a welcome gift just for you!

Is your child ready to read? These easy print and go activities will help your child build skills they need for reading.


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Here are some of my favorite resources for you.

… If you’re looking for the perfect learn to read curriculum:

With Reading Better Together, you can teach your kids how to read, while helping them fall in love with reading at the same time. Your child will be reading books alongside you in just 2 weeks!

This science-backed reading curriculum includes 16 weeks of scripted lessons, 30 side by side stories to read alongside your child, and all the support you need to teach reading with confidence.

Learn more about Reading Better Together here.

… If you need help with teaching reading:

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… If you’re new to homeschooling:

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