Welcome to the resources page! As a teacher with a degree in education, 10 years of classroom experience, and lots of opportunities to review homeschool curriculum, I have seen a lot of different homeschool resources. Here are my very favorite options.

I only recommend products that I use and love. This post contains affiliate links and I may earn a small commission when you click on the links.

Reading, English, and Language

Reading Better Together

This is the curriculum that I created to help make learning to read fun for my kids. It includes both scripted lessons and side by side stories for kids and parents to read together, that are fun and motivating for kids.

Learning Language Arts Through Literature

This series is a great follow up for kids who are readers. It is a complete Language Arts program that includes reading, spelling, grammar, vocabulary, writing, and more. And the best part is that all those skills are learned in the context of reading real books!

One More Story

One More Story is an app that reads books to kids. I love the quality of the books that are included, and the engaging narrations. My kids love reading with this app, and I think this is a great way to inspire kids to want to read!

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Singapore Math

This is the math series I am currently using with my kids. I like it because it is rigorous- I know my kids will get a challenge. There are many editions and books, but we use the Primary Math US Edition textbook, workbook, and teacher’s guide.

Math With Confidence

This is a new math series that I have heard nothing but good things about. It is much less complicated and includes tons of hands on activities. We have used Kate Snow’s Addition Facts that Stick and I highly recommend that series as well.


CTCMath is an Australian website that teaches math for you! We use this site as a supplement to our math curriculum, and the videos are great for reinforcing new concepts and giving a little extra practice.

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Bible Study

Bible Road Trip

This Bible curriculum is new to us this year and we are loving it already! The focus is on reading through the Bible together as a family. Accompanying activities are customized for each age level.

Jesus Storybook Bible

This is my favorite children’s Bible. I love that every story ends with a connection to the Gospel. This book does an excellent job of showing kids how the stories in the Bible are connected. We have read this through several times with our kids.

The Adventure Bible for Early Readers

The Adventure Bible is a full text children’s Bible with lots of colorful pictures and captions to make it engaging for kids. I like the early readers version that includes in NIrV translation for younger kids- it’s written at a 3rd grade reading level.

Science and History

Elementary Science in History

My kids’ favorite subject in school is science, and this curriculum is the reason! Each lesson includes a fun experiment that is easy to do with materials you already have around the house. I love that this series is written with a Christian worldview, too.

Snap Circuits Jr.

This kit contains all the electronic pieces that kids need to build over 100 different projects. I love that they are easy to assemble, even for younger kids! My son loves this kit and it’s one of our favorite science activities.

Story of the World

I love this history curriculum because it is written like a story, which makes it engaging even for younger kids. I read the stories out loud to my kids so I can edit for age-appropriateness as needed, but audio files are available as well.

Other Favorites

Handwriting Without Tears

This is the fine motor program that has really helped my son learn his letters. I love that this program includes fun activities and manipulatives to help kids develop their fine motor skills, even if they don’t like worksheets.

ARTistic Pursuits

This art program comes with a lesson DVD so kids can learn art from a real artist! I love that it includes both art appreciation and fun art projects for kids to make.

Schoolhouse Teachers

This is a comprehensive website that includes online classes for K-12 in all subjects. One subscription fee covers the whole family, which makes it a great choice for adding variety into your homeschool!

More Resources for Your Homeschool


In my shop, you will find a variety of fun educational printables. These easy to use resources are the perfect supplement to your homeschool curriculum!

Homeschool Supplies

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Educational Toys

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YouTube Channels

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Homeschool Apps

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Board Games

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