135 Best Homeschool YouTube Channels

One of our favorite ways to supplement our homeschool curriculum is with a video or two from YouTube. Check out this roundup of some of the best homeschool YouTube channels to find some inspiration for your next homeschool lesson. All these YouTube channels come recommended by other homeschool moms. (But remember, I can’t control the content on the internet, so please preview the videos first and watch with your child!)

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How to Use YouTube Channels in Your Homeschool

There are so many ways that homeschool families can use the information on YouTube to support their homeschooling efforts! YouTube is a fantastic free resource for homeschoolers! Consider these creative ways to enhance your homeschool efforts with YouTube.

Supplement Your Current Curriculum

Although it is difficult to use YouTube channels as a stand alone homeschool curriculum, videos from YouTube can be a great addition or supplement to your homeschool. Parents can take a few minutes to find videos that cover the same topics kids will be studying. YouTube videos can be used to reinforce and review concepts that kids have learned. Kids often learn new information better when they are exposed to the same information lots of different times, and in different ways. YouTube videos can be a great way to help kids get that extra exposure.

Explain a Difficult Concept

No matter how good of a teacher you are, sometimes your kids just won’t understand what you are explaining to them. In these cases it can be helpful to hear an explanation from someone else. YouTube is a fantastic resource for this! There are a variety of YouTube channels, especially in math and science, that provide simple explanations for challenging concepts. This can be especially helpful for visual learners as the visuals in the video may help them understand better.

Encourage Independent Learning

YouTube videos can be a great way to encourage kids to learn independently. Parents can create a playlist of prescreened videos for their kids to watch on their own. Kids can take notes about what they are learning, or discuss the videos together after they are finished watching. Remember that it’s important to prescreen videos and keep an eye on kids while they are using YouTube for safety reasons.

YouTube can be really helpful for parents who are homeschooling multiple kids of different ages. With a little advanced planning, parents can use YouTube to create independent lessons for kids to do. Parents can give a child a prescreened YouTube video or playlist to watch while they work one-on-one with another child. This is a great way to keep kids on-task and learning while helping their siblings.

Turn Waiting Into a Learning Experience

Homeschool YouTube channels are a fantastic way to add in some extra learning while waiting in line or in a waiting room, talking on the phone, or driving in the car. It helps to have a playlist created and saved so that when you find yourself with extra time on your hands, you can pull out some videos for even more learning.

Using YouTube Safely While Homeschooling

Although YouTube is a fantastic resource, unfortunately, there are dangers to be aware of as well. Here are some ways to keep your child safe while using homeschol YouTube channels for your homeschooling.

Prescreen the Content

One of the most important things to remember when using YouTube for homeschooling is to watch every video all the way through before sharing it with your child. There is no other way to know for sure that the content is safe, and that it aligns with your family’s beliefs and worldview.

This process can be time consuming, so I like to use the Increase Playback Speed feature to watch the videos in fast forward mode. YouTube will allow you to speed up any video to watch it up to twice as fast- which will allow you to preview the videos in half the time! Here’s how:

  1. Open the settings menu. This is the little gear icon in the bottom right corner of the video on desktop, or the three dots icon in the top right corner of the video on mobile.
  2. Tap “Playback Speed.” This will open the playback speed options, so that you can speed up or slow down the speed that the video plays.
  3. Tap the speed you would like. You can speed up the video up to 2x speed, or slow down the video down to .25x speed.
Increase Playback speed on Homeschool YouTube channel

Turn on Restricted Mode

YouTube provides a built in filter that will prevent kids from being able to search for or watch videos or channels that have been labeled as age restricted. This filter isn’t perfect, but it’s a great extra safety step when kids will be using YouTube channels. Here’s how:

How to Organize Your Favorite Homeschool YouTube Channels

This list contains a lot of fantastic resources for homeschooling with YouTube. But, it can be tricky to keep track of which channels and videos you want to make sure that your kids see. Try these tips to make organizing your finds easier:

Subscribe to Your Favorite Channels

Below each video there is a subscribe button. You can click this button to subscribe to the channel. When you do this, the channel will be added to your subscriptions list and you will see new videos from that channel in that list. In addition, if your notifications are turned on, you will get notifications when the channel posts new videos. This is also a great way to support the creators who made the videos!

Best homeschool youtube channels subscribe

Make a Playlist of Your Favorite Videos

YouTube makes it easy to add videos to a customized playlist! This is a great way to keep track of which videos you still need to preview, or to organize videos by subject or by child. All you need to do is click the save button below the video that you want to add. Keep in mind that videos that are marked by the creator as “made for kids” can not be saved to playlists.

Best homeschool youtube channels save

135 Best Homeschool YouTube Channels

Help for Homeschool Moms

Ader Family Homeschool– tons of picture book read alouds and more

Bright Ideas Press– homeschool tips and curriculum reviews

Common Life– homeschool tips and advice about a variety of topics

Fun Hands on Learning– activity ideas for toddlers and preschoolers

Grace and Grit– curriculum reviews, especially The Good and The Beautiful, and homeschool tips

Homeschool On– curriculum, reviews and tips

Homeschool on the Hill– curriculum reviews and tips

Hopscotch– songs about math, science, reading and more

HSLDA– a great resource for how to homeschool legally in the United States

Ingrid Chronicles– a homeschool mom who shares about homeschooling, motherhood, faith, and more

Living Montessori Now– how to set up Montessori lessons in your homeschool

Momma Schmooze Homeschool Reviews– book and curriculum reviews

Pepper and Pine– unit studies, Waldorf, homeschool tips, and more

Rooted in Rest– homeschool day in the life, curriculum reviews, and recipes

There’s No Place Like Home– homeschool FAQs, focused on unschooling and deschooling

Best homeschool youtube channels

General/Multiple Subjects

Crash Course– Educational video series and courses about a variety of topics

Free School– Kid friendly videos about art, music, literature, and science

Have Fun Teaching– Reading and math videos for preschool and elementary aged kids

Homeschool Pop– Fun learning videos for elementary school aged kids about a variety of topics

Jack Hartmann Kids Music Channel– Educational music videos for preschoolers

Jam Campus– Educational music videos about a wide variety of topics

Khan Academy– A huge variety of educational videos for students of all ages

Kids Learning Tube– A wide variety of animated videos including lots of geography resources

Meet Arnold– Animated videos answer lots of hypothetical questions you never knew to ask

Mental Floss– Trivia videos about history, science, and more

Mr. DeMaio– Funny educational videos for kids created by a teacher

National Geographic– Science and exploration clips and videos from the National Geographic channel

National Geographic Kids– Science and geography videos made just for kids

Netflix Jr– Clips and full episodes from educational kids Netflix shows

PBS Kids– Watch full episodes and clips of PBS kids shows

Peekaboo Kidz– “What if” videos and preschool learning videos

Professor Dave Explains– Mostly upper level science videos, but a variety of other topics are also included

Smithsonian Channel– Clips and episodes about science, history, and more

Socratica– videos about a variety of topics in math, science, and the arts

Teaching Independent Learners– animated lessons for elementary aged kids

Ted-Ed– Animated educational videos about a variety of topics

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Phone wtih youtube


5-Minute Crafts– DIYs, craft projects, and recipes

Art for Kids Hub– draw along with the tutorials, lots of fun things to draw!

Createful Kids– drawing and art lessons with fun topics for kids

Bob Ross– Episodes of The Joy of Painting from 1973-1984

Doodle Academy– drawing and art lessons and biographies of famous artists

Jazza– challenges and drawing lessons make art fun

Red Ted Art– arts and crafts tutorials for kids of all ages

Smithsonian American Art Museum– information on the art and artists in the museum’s collection

The Art of Aaron Blaise– a Disney animator shows how it is done

Wow Art– project ideas that you can make in 30 minutes, using common household items

Yo Kidz– tutorials for how to draw a variety of different animals and objects

You Are an Artist– Nana’s chalk pastel lessons


Beginners Bible– full length animated Bible stories from The Beginners Bible

Bible Project– a variety of animated videos about the Bible

Bible Stories for Kids– an older channel, animated stories from the Old Testament

Holy Tales– animated Bible stories and songs for kids

PursueGOD Video– what the Bible says about a wide variety of topics

Sharefaith Kids– animated Sunday school lessons and Bible stories

Ten Minute Bible Hour– short videos about specific books and the Bible itself

Veggie Tales Official– life lessons and Bible stories from everyone’s favorite vegetables


Amber Kelley– recipes and ideas from the winner of Food Network Star Kids

Food Network– Cooking demos and clips from Food Network episodes

Messy Hands– kids cooking demos and recipe ideas

Rosanna Pansino– nerdy nummies recipes and tutorials

Geography and Culture

Darron Gedge’s Geography Channel– in depth videos perfect for older students

Geography Now– profiles for every country in the world

Travel Kids– an older channel with videos for kids highlighting landmarks in different countries

Computer youtube


A Kid Explains History– Major events explained (with humor) by a 12 year old

Emperor Tigerstar– Map animations for major events in history

History Channel– Clips from shows on the History channel

History Matters– Answers to questions about world history for high school students

Kings and Generals– Animated historical documentaries about major wars and other topics

Liberty’s Kids– Full episodes of the animated series

Mr. Betts Class– Funny video clips and song parodies about a variety of historical events

Ollie Bye– Animated world history videos

OverSimplified– Historical events explained and simplified

Suibhne– Animated histories of various world countries

The History Guy– Interesting forgotten history story clips

Timeline– Full length history documentaries and series from PBS, Discovery, the BBC, and more

What If Alt Hist– How history could have been different in a variety of scenarios

Best homeschool youtube channels


Astonishing Studios– Real working vending machines and robots made with Legos

Lego– Official YouTube channel for the brand


3 Blue, 1 Brown– videos about probability, numbers, and advanced math concepts

CTCMath– tutorials for kids using the CTC Math program

Mashup Math– simple explanations of concepts for kids in elementary through high school

Math & Learning Videos 4 Kids– videos cover common core math concepts from preschool through 6th grade

Mathantics– fun explanations for a variety of math concepts

Math Mammoth– explanations for a wide variety of elementary and middle school math concepts

Mathologer– simple explanations of some really challenging math concepts

Numberphile– A variety of videos all about numbers

Professor Leonard– Full length video lessons about algebra, statistics, and calculus

Vihart– Fun videos about a variety of math topics

WOWmath– videos for high schoolers studying Algebra I and II, Integrated math 3, and AP Calculus AB

Kid playing on computer


Hoffman Academy– Online piano lessons for beginners

Music Theory Guy– Simple explanations for a variety of music theory topics

Philharmonia Orchestra, London, UK– Performances from the orchestra

Simplified Guitar– Guitar lessons for beginners

Sound Field– Musicians, music history, and interesting facts

Sydney Opera House– Videos of live performances, including many for kids


60 Second Philosophy– short clips explaining a variety of topics in philosophy

Physical Education

Cosmic Kids Yoga– yoga videos with fun themes for kids

Debbie Doo Kids TV– music and dance videos

GoNoodle– videos to get kids dancing and moving along

Little Sports– workout videos for kids with exercises targeting specific muscle groups

Move to Learn MS– dance videos with academic content for kids in preschool through high school

The PE Specialist– tips for teaching PE to kids

PE with Mr. G– activity ideas for kids


Alphablocks– this British series features alphabet letters having a variety of adventures

ELF Kids– fun animated videos for preschoolers

Nessy– phonics, reading, spelling rules, and more

Super Simple ABCs– songs and rhymes to help kids learn their letters

Word World– weekly episodes and clips to help preschoolers learn to read new words

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Science- Animals

Animal Planet– episodes and clips from Animal Planet shows

Australia Zoo– animal videos from the Irwin family

BBC Earth– a huge variety of animal and nature videos and documentaries

Brave Wilderness- close encounters with dangerous animals

Peterson Field Guides– videos and sounds of North American birds

Science- General

Crash Course Kids– animated 5th grade science videos about a variety of topics

Deep Look– a PBS series magnifying things that are small

Finding Stuff Out– answers to questions kids have always wondered about

HooplaKidz Lab– science experiment demos and that you can do at home

How It’s Made– Clips from the TV series that show how different products are manufactured

Kids Science– science and technology how to videos and experiment demos

Life Noggin– animated videos that answer a variety of hypothetical “What if?’ questions

Mark Rober– answers to all the random things you didn’t know you were wondering about

Minute Earth– short explanations on a variety of topics, with playlists by branch of science *secular worldview*

Minute Physics– quick doodle videos explaining a variety of physics topics. *secular worldview*

Periodic Videos– cool chemistry videos for every element on the Periodic table

Physics Girl– experiments, demos, and discoveries all about physics

Science Sparks– creative ways to make science fun for kids

SciShow– facts and FAQs about a variety of interesting topics

SciShow Kids– answers to all the “why” questions, plus science experiments to try

Sick Science– science experiment demo videos from Steve Spangler

Smarter Every Day– science videos exploring a variety of interesting topics

The Slow Mo Guys– slow motion videos of all sorts of interesting actions

Veritasium– science videos sharing the truth about all sorts of random questions

What’s Inside– cutting up just about everything to see what’s inside

WhizKidScience– easy science experiments that you can do at home, presented by a 14 year old kid

Phone with youtube


Brave Writer– Homeschool and writing tips from a homeschool writing curriculum

EssayPro– Tutorials and guides for how to write a wide variety of different kinds of papers and essays

Homeschool Humor YouTube Channels

After School Program– funny parody videos about a range of topics, including homeschooling

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