The Best Free Homeschool Science Curriculum Resources

If you are a homeschool mom looking for a free science curriculum, there is a lot of free material out there. Here are some of the best free homeschool science curriculum resources that are available. All these resources are free and they range from full year curricula, to specific topics like astronomy or earth sciences. You will find something here that will work with your needs!

29 free science curriculum options for homeschool

How to Choose a Science Curriculum

When choosing a science curriculum for your child, there are a few things to consider.

First, make sure you consider the homeschool laws in your area. What topics or subjects are required for your child to learn? Make sure the curriculum that you choose covers this material.

Secondly, do you need a curriculum that is flexible or a curriculum that follows a set schedule? Do you want free science curriculum that can be done in a few hours per day or are you looking for a curriculum that offers lessons for five days a week?

It’s also important to consider science experiments when choosing a homeschool science curriculum. Are you looking for a curriculum that includes lots of hands on activities for your child to do? Or would you prefer for your child to learn by reading a textbook?

Finally, it is important to consider the worldview of the curriculum publishers. If one of your reasons for homeschooling is to teach your child with a Biblical worldview, it is important to choose a science curriculum that supports your beliefs.

free homeschool science curriculum

Preschool and Elementary School Science


Secular resource / full curriculum

CK-12 is a free science program that includes digital textbooks for each of the grade levels. You can read the textbooks online using FlexBooks. CK-12’s online resources for elementary school include textbooks for kindergarten through 5th grade science. You can create a class for your child that will allow you to create assignments and track their progress through the curriculum.

Easy Peasy All in One Homeschool

Christian resource / full curriculum

Easy Peasy is a free homeschool curriculum for grades 1-8. It includes online lessons and materials for 4 full year science classes including biology, zoology, earth science, and chemistry/physics. These educational resources are written with a Biblical worldview.

Guest Hollow Science of Seasons

Christian resource / 14 week curriculum

The Science of Seasons is an optional free addition to your homeschool curriculum for kids in grades 1-4. This is a free 14 week science curriculum that offers activities related to seasons, astronomy, and weather. The curriculum is based on literature and includes lots of fun activity ideas.

How Stuff Works

Secular resource / science lessons

How Stuff Works isn’t a science curriculum. Instead, it’s a comprehensive educational website that will help you find answers to all those questions your elementary school aged kids are wondering about. This would be a great resource for unit studies or supplement to your free homeschool science curriculum.

Marvelous Explorations Through Science and Stories (MESS)

Secular resource / science lessons

MESS is a free science program for preschoolers that includes lesson plans for kids ages 3-5. MESS is a free curriculum from the Head Start Early Child Learning and Knowledge Center. These free lessons offer lots of hands on learning experiences and activities for your kids.

Math/Science Nucleus

Secular resource / full curriculum

Math/science nucleus offers a complete curriculum for kids in kindergarten through 8th grade. It includes free printable worksheets, online activities and free lab experiments. It can be used in any state and covers earth science, biology, astronomy, chemistry, physics, the scientific method, and more!

Mr. Q’s Elementary Life Science

Secular resource / full curriculum

Mr. Q’s Elementary Life Science free homeschool science curriculum offers a free full year of life science lessons for kids in grades 1-5. The free full year curriculum includes 36 lessons. The lessons feature reading text, writing activities, vocabulary words, and hands on learning experiments.

Mystery Science

Secular resource / full curriculum

Mystery Science is free homeschool video based science curriculum for kids in grades K-5. This full year science curriculum offers creative experiments and free printable worksheets for kids to complete themselves. The site requires a sign up for a free trial in order to access the lessons.

free homeschool science curriculum

NASA Science at Home

Secular resource / activity ideas

NASA has an extensive collection of science activities for kids in grades K-12. The topics include astronomy, life science, ecology, plants and animals, and more. Activities feature instructions, printables for pdf download, and educational videos for kids.

Science Matters

Secular resource / science lessons

Science Matters free homeschool science curriculum is composed of science units for kids in grades 4-6. The free elementary school science lessons include lab ideas and worksheets as well!

Science Sparks

Secular resource / activity ideas

Science sparks is an online resource that offers free science activity ideas and free printable worksheets for kids to complete based on the activities. This site includes great resources for both preschool and elementary school aged kids, including stem challenges and holiday themed science experiments.

Teach Preschool Science

Secular resource / science lessons

Teach Preschool Science free homeschool science curriculum offers printable science lesson plans for preschoolers. The lessons include topics such as seasons, weather, electricity, germs and more!

Thunderbolt Kids

Secular resource / full curriculum

Thunderbolt natural science curriculum is a full year curriculum for kids in 4th-6th grades . It offers online textbooks, activities, and science experiments. This free homeschool science curriculum includes experiments that cover living things, matter, energy, earth science and more!

Under the Home

Christian resource / full curriculum

Under the Home free homeschool science curriculum offers free full year courses for grades 1-5. This is a Charlotte Mason inspired online curriculum that focuses on nature study and includes textbooks and notebooking pages.


Secular resource / science lessons

YAPA offers free video lessons for kids in grades 1-8 on Zoom. Science classes in general science and environmental science are available, with classes scheduled at different times throughout the week.

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Middle and High School Science

ACS Middle School Chemistry

Secular resource / full curriculum

This free homeschool chemistry curriculum for middle school students was developed by the American Chemical Society (ACS). It features a free printable textbook that includes lesson plans, experiments, and worksheets. They cover topics such as matter, atomic structure, chemical bonding and reactions, and the periodic table.


Secular resource / full curriculum

CK-12 is free homeschool curriculum for students in grades K-12 that includes free online textbooks and free digital lesson plans. Middle and high school course offerings include earth science, life science, physical science, biology, chemistry, and physics. Parents can create online classes for their kids. This feature will allow you to assign reading and track your child’s progress through the lessons.

Easy Peasy All-in-One High School

Christian resource / full curriculum

This is an extension of the Easy Peasy curriculum that is available for high school students. Easy Peasy for high school offers full year courses in oceanography, biology, earth science, chemistry, and physics. Each of these courses include labs as well. All of the courses are created using free online resources.


Secular resource / full curriculum

edX is a collection of free college level science classes and AP test prep classes from universities such as Harvard and MIT. It includes online courses that can be audited for free or taken for a certification fee at the end of the course. Topics include biology, chemistry, earth science, electronics, environmental studies, oceanography, and more.

Forensics Illustrated

Secular resource / full curriculum

This is a full year high school level course in Forensic science. It was published in 2004 and is now out of print, so it is available online for free. Resources include textbook, worksheets, labs, tests, and more.

Georgia Virtual Learning

Secular resource / full curriculum

Georgia Virtual Learning free homeschool science curriculum offers free online courses for high school students, including a variety of AP classes. The site offers online textbooks as well as assignments and activities.

Guest Hollow High School Biology

Christian resource / full curriculum

Guest Hollow’s free high school biology course covers topics like cell biology, genetics, natural selection, biotechnology, and more. It is based on living books and includes free textbooks that cover the material. Videos are included to illustrate concepts in each chapter of the text books; these videos can be streamed online. Labs and assignments are also included.

free homeschool science curriculum

Khan Academy

Secular resource / science lessons

Khan Academy offers free science lessons that are available in video form or as an educational game. There are free courses for high school students, which cover concepts like biology, chemistry, earth science, physics, and more. Lessons include videos and quizzes. You can search for topics based on grade level to find free science lessons that are appropriate for your child. A selection of AP classes are also available.

Modern States

Secular resource / full curriculum

Modern States is a non-profit organization that provides advanced high school classes for free to help students prepare to take the CLEP exam. After completing the class, Modern States provides a voucher for kids to take the CLEP exam for free as well. This is a great way for your high school student to earn free college credit in science! This site offers classes in other subjects as well, including math, language arts, social studies, foreign language, and more.

Old Earth Ministries

Christian resource / full curriculum

Old Earth Ministries provides high school level courses from the Old Earth Creationism worldview. Full year curricula are available online in geology, historical geology, and dinosaurs.

Periodic Table Videos

Secular Resource / science lessons

This periodic table from Ted Ed includes a video lesson for each element on the periodic table. This resource will be a great supplement to your chemistry curriculum.

The Physics Classroom

Secular resource / full curriculum

The Physics Classroom provides a free online physics class for high schoolers. The complete textbook is available on the website, as well as a variety of other physics resources for students. Video tutorials, review questions, and much more are available as well.


Secular resource / full curriculum

Siyavula offers free high school science courses in biology, chemistry, and physics. Online textbooks and supplemental materials are included.

Virtual Homeschool Group

Christian resource / full curriculum

The Virtual Homeschool Group is like a free online version of a homeschool co-op. Classes meet online and cover various Apologia science curricula. An alternate site offers additional classes.

This list of free homeschool science curriculum options includes free resources that will be helpful to any homeschool family who is learning about science. These free options will help your family save money while still providing access to quality online courses in biology, chemistry, physics, and more for free!

Are you looking for more free homeschool curriculum options? Check the 31 best free homeschool curriculum options, or find the perfect free preschool curriculum for homeschool.

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