50 Fun Fall Writing Prompts for Kids

Fall is the perfect time of year for kids to be inspired to do some creative writing, and autumn writing prompts are a great way to help them get started. Writing prompts are a fun way to help kids get their creative juices flowing and to inspire new fall memories, and these fun prompts will help reluctant writers get excited to practice their writing skills. This list even includes unique ideas for fall-themed poems and recipes. Here are 50 fall writing prompts for kids that can be used either as an idea bank or to inspire your own fall stories.

50 Fall Writing Prompts for Kids
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Fall Writing Prompts

Fall Poetry

Write a fall-themed poem. Make sure to include what makes this time of the year special.

Write a poem that features ingredients for pumpkin pie or apple pie (pie crust, cream cheese, cinnamon, nutmeg…).

Write a poem that describes how fall feels: is it full of excitement, or are there some sad parts?

Create a funny rhyming limerick about fall.

Write an acrostic poem about autumn. Write the word AUTUMN down the side of your paper, and then write a poem where each line begins with the letters in the word Autumn.

Create the fall version of a popular song, or write your own fall-inspired songs (songs about fall leaves, etc.).

Create some fall season riddles. Challenge a friend or family member to guess what you are thinking of.

Autobiographical Fall Writing Prompts

Write about what fall means to you – whether you like fall, if you’re looking forward to holiday celebrations with family, or if fall is your favorite season.

Write about fall activities you enjoy: fall harvest festivals, fall crafts, or fall games and fall songs.

How is fall different in the place you live compared to other places? How can fall be similar across the world?

Describe the fall colors. What do the leaves in your area look like? Draw pictures or make a leaf collection to go along with your story.

Write about a day your family celebrated fall: did you go on a fall hike and jump in the leaf piles, or did you have a big dinner?

What’s your favorite part of fall and why?

How can fall help you be happy? Write a short essay or opinion piece on why fall makes you happy.

Tell a funny story about something you saw when it was fall.

Write about one of your family’s favorite family traditions in the fall. What activities do you do together? What makes this tradition unique and special?

Write out your fall bucket list. Which of those activities can you try this year?

Is it better to be autumn or spring? Write about what makes each season special and why you would choose one over the other or why they are both important.

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Nonfiction Writing Prompts

Write a persuasive essay explaining why fall is the best (or the worst) season of the year.

Research and write a report about why leaves change color.

Create a list – how many different fall things can you think of? List all the fall things you know about, whether they are in your town or not.

Write a recipe for something that includes pumpkin spice.

Write directions for how to make applesauce. Include how to pick the apples from the apple orchard and how to turn them into applesauce.

Research and write a report about the history of Labor Day.

Why do the seasons change? Why do we have fewer hours of daylight in the fall? Write an explanation and draw a picture to go with it.

Create a book report about your favorite fall book.

Write a travel guide for kids who are visiting the pumpkin patch. Include directions to help them choose the perfect pumpkin.

Create a guidebook to autumn activities in your area. Include reviews of different activities and fall pictures to go along with your writing.

Write a recipe for how to make hot cocoa. Then see if a friend or family member can follow your directions. Enjoy the hot cocoa together.

Write a field guide for fall leaves (what fall leaves are shaped like, fall colors fall leaf smell like…)

Create a shopper’s guide to help someone find the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on an item you are interested in buying.

Fall Plants and Animals

Write about how fall makes your favorite animal behave differently. Are squirrels busy collecting nuts? Are fall birds migrating?

Write about the fall from the perspective of a fall plant.

Write about the fall from the perspective of fall animals.

Draw a picture of a tree branch in the spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Then, write a description for each picture.

Fantasy Writing Prompts

Pretend you have superpowers and can make fall come early. How did you get your powers, and what will it be like when you use them?

Write a story about a family who got lost in a corn maze, and what happened to them next.

Create a fall story that is interactive. Include different endings that the readers can choose depending on what the characters do.

Imagine that you find a magical pumpkin on your porch. What will you do next?

Pretend you are walking and you discover a large pile of leaves. What do you decide to do? What is hidden inside?

How would fall be different if you could magically change it in some way? (rain less, snow more, etc)

Write about what it would be like to be a scarecrow.

Write a short story describing a fall scene. In your story, describe fall with your 5 senses. What is it like to see the colorful leaves and smell the crisp air? Be specific!

Imagine you are attending a fall festival. What will you see and do there?

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Letters and Journals

Write a letter to summer, asking it why it decided to leave.

Create a journal you can write in each day this autumn season. Record the way the season changes and any fun activities you do to celebrate fall.

Pretend you are Johnny Appleseed. Write a letter to a friend telling them about your adventures.

Write a letter to an alien from another planet describing football season in the fall.

Thanksgiving Writing Prompts

Make a list of what you are thankful for. Include not only possessions but also people, events, and anything else you can think of.

Are you grateful for homeschool? Write a letter explaining why.

What is your favorite food to eat for Thanksgiving dinner? Write about the best way to enjoy that food.

Pretend you were at the first Thanksgiving. Write a letter to a friend describing your experience.

What are your favorite ways to celebrate Thanksgiving with your family? Describe what your perfect Thanksgiving would be like.

Tips for Using Fall Writing Prompts

When you are using fall writing prompts with your child, here are some things to keep in mind.

First, fall is the perfect time to plan some fun activities to enjoy the season. Once your child has written their fall story with fall writing prompts, you could plan some fall activities that relate to the story. These fall activities can include taking a hike and collecting leaves or acorns, making corn husk dolls, or visiting an apple orchard for some apple cider.

Second, consider writing outside. There are lots of things to see outside in the fall, and being outside can inspire your child’s creativity. Fall is a great time for writing in a journal because fall is an interesting season with lots of changes to observe.

Finally, spend time writing on a regular basis. Kids’ writing skills will improve and their creativity will grow with lots of practice. Consider printing this list of writing prompts. Cut out the prompts and put them in a jar. Ask your child to choose one each day to write about.

Fall is the perfect time of year for children to be inspired and fall in love with writing. The fall season offers a wide variety of fall-related topics that can provide plenty of creative opportunities for kids. With these creative writing prompts, you can inspire your young writers to practice their skills all season long.

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