15 Fun Math Review Activities and Games for Active Kids

What if you could help your child remember what they are learning in math more easily? And, what if you could make math fun at the same time? Well, with fun math review activities, you can do just that! Studies show that kids learn more and remember better when they are relaxed and having fun. And that means that using math review games is the perfect way to help your children learn. Here are 15 of my favorites.

These math review activities are a lot of fun and perfect to keep active kids moving, even when they are inside! Your kids will love math review when you ...
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Make Math Questions Fun

Forget boring math worksheets. Here are some easy ways to practice the same math questions, while enjoying math with your child.

Scavenger Hunt

An easy way to make math fun is to turn your review questions into a scavenger hunt. Cut up slips of paper and write a review question on each one. Or, cut up a worksheet so each problem is on a different sheet of paper.

Then, hide the questions around the room for your child to find. When your child finds the questions, have them bring you the paper and tell you the answer.

You can turn this into a scavenger hunt by writing a clue on the back of each question to let your child know where to look for the next one.

This is a great activity for families with kids of multiple ages and grades to play together. Use different colors of paper for each different grade level, and assign each child a different color to find.

Scavenger hunts are a great way to practice measurement, too. Kids can look around the house for things to measure with a ruler. Or, they can search for 2 objects that are the same height.

Task Cards

Similar to a scavenger hunt, task cards are a fun way for kids to review the math concepts they are learning. You can hide task cards around the house, and ask your child to complete the tasks as they find each card. There are many different ways to use task cards to make learning fun for kids!

Flashcard Race

Another fun math review activity is to set up a race for your child. Shuffle a deck of flashcards and set up stacks of cards at one end of a room or a long hallway.

Ask your child to run to the stack of cards, grab one, and then run back to you to tell you the answer. Once your child has completed the entire stack of game cards, the race is over.

This is a great way for kids to practice multiplication facts- or any other math skill they need to review. This is also a great way for kids to get some exercise on a rainy day!

Life-Sized Game Board

math review activities life sized game board

One of my kids’ favorite math review games is to create a life-sized board game. To play, we create a board game path on the floor by arranging sticky notes in a line. Then, my kids stand on the first sticky note.

During their turn, they must answer a math review question. If they get the correct answer, they can roll the dice and move forward that number of spaces. We use a large dry erase die which makes the game even more fun.

Older kids can use a recording sheet to write down the questions and answers as they go. This fun game can be used for almost any kind of math, but it works especially well for math facts.

Rolled Up Socks Toss

math review activities rolled up socks toss

This is another game that is great for kids who are stuck inside due to bad weather. To set up, we get out several large baskets or buckets. Then, we tape the answer to a math problem on each bucket.

I say a math problem out loud, and my kids have to try to throw a rolled-up sock into the bucket that has the right answer.

You can assign point values to each bucket, or just give kids a point for each correct answer. After a certain number of questions, or a set amount of time, add up the points and see who is the winner.

This game is especially great for reviewing equivalent fractions.

Practice Math Facts

Math fact fluency is very important and requires a lot of extra review. Here are some fun math review activities that work especially well for practicing math facts.

Addition War

Addition War is a card game that is played much like the regular card game of War. The twist is that each time you would turn over a card, you should turn over 2 cards and add them together instead.

We generally play with 2 decks of cards with the face cards removed. This leaves the numbers 2-10, and we use the aces to represent the number 1.

This is a great game for siblings to play together. Or, you can play it with your child as a fun review and a way to see how they are doing with their math facts in a low-pressure environment.

Dice Game

Another fun way to review math facts is with dice. Kids can roll 2 dice and add or multiply the numbers together.

Then, they can keep track of the answers in a graph. As they color in the graph, they can keep track of which answer is “winning.” This makes a fun lesson in probability as well as a great math fact review.

Play Board Games

math review games playing chess

Many common board games are great for math review. Think about what your child needs to learn and then look for a game that will allow them to practice those skills.

Many fun math games provide specific practice in certain concepts. But, some of the best math review comes from playing classic games like Yahtzee or Cribbage.

You can find a list of recommended educational board games or more about gameschooling here.

Use Magnets

A perfect way to practice simple math problems is with a magnet board. Look for a set of magnetic numbers that also includes operation symbols.

Then, you can use the magnets to spell a math problem for your child to solve. They will need to show the answer using a magnet. This is a simple way to make math fun.

Bingo Games

math review activities playing bingo

Playing Bingo is another easy way to add some fun to your math review.

You can create customized Bingo cards for your child that include the answers to their review questions. Ask the questions, and have your child cover up the correct answer on their Bingo card.

Of course, Bingo is more fun when you can use pieces of a favorite cereal or candy, or fun small toys, as the Bingo markers.


This variation on basketball is a fun way for kids in small groups to review together. Get a large trash can to use as the basketball hoop, and find a soft ball (or roll up some socks to use as a ball).

Then, kids can take turns answering math problems. If they answer correctly, they can try to make a basket for their team.

Apply New Skills

A great way to help kids review what they are learning is to try to apply it to a new situation. Here are some fun ways to make those abstract math skills concrete for children.


baking to practice fractions and measurement

Baking is one of the best ways for kids to apply what they are learning in math.

Kids can practice measurement as they add ingredients. This can be a great way to review fractions and learn about equivalent fractions, too.

Older students might enjoy reading the recipe, which is a good way to practice following directions as well.

Use Manipulatives

Manipulatives are a fun way to help kids understand math concepts that they are learning. They are especially important for younger students. That is because kids have an easier time learning concrete concepts rather than abstract ideas.

Try to find a way to tie in the math manipulatives to one of your child’s interests. For example, you can look for themed counters that your child likes.

A child who likes trucks might enjoy practicing addition by dumping both quantities of counters into the back of a dump truck. Kids who like animals might practice division by sharing the counters between several stuffed animals.

Manipulatives help kids practice new skills in a fun and hands-on way.

Play Store or Restaurant

Playing pretend is a great way for kids to practice their math skills in a real-life environment.

Kids can assign a price to each item in their store, and then practice adding the total and making change. In a restaurant, kids can calculate the percentage for the tip, add the tax to their purchase, or practice writing a check or making change.

Use an App

math review activities homeschool apps

Many high-quality educational apps provide interactive games and activities to help kids with math review. Many offer fun prizes for kids when the game ends, which might motivate kids to review more. You can see a list of recommended homeschool apps here.

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